Bronze Level Extended Warranty

Our bronze level coverage is a great option for owners looking to cover the major components of their vehicle and who may have a smaller budget. the chart below shows the overall components covered by this plan while further below we go indepth into each section to see all of the parts in these categories that are protected.

Direct Marketing of Auto Extended Warranty Plans not only provides the best rates for extended auto warranties, but provides them from the highest rated auto warranty companies. Take a look at a few of our guidelines or our auto warranty plans. Be sure to ask your representative for the specific details of the warranty plan that suits your needs, as well as the needs of your vehicle.


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Drive Axle
Air Conditioning
Taxes & Fluids
Seals & Gaskets
Wear & Use
Extended Drivetrain
Extended Air Conditioning
Extended Electrical
Engine Cooling
Engine Fuel
Front Suspension
High Technology
Rear Suspension
Commercial Use

Bronze Level Protection Breakdown

Engine coverage: coverage for the Engine block, timing cover, valve covers, cylinder heads / barrels and oil pan.

These parts will be covered by your plan if they are damaged due to one of the following lubricated parts, which are covered: The wrist pins / rings, connecting rods / bearings, crankshaft and its bearings, the pistons, camshaft, rocker arms, push rods, shafts /  bushings, lifters, followers / cam bearings, valves, springs, water pump, replaceable guides, seats, timing assembly, oil pump,intake and exhaust manifolds, harmonic balancer, fly-wheel / flex plate and its ring gear, dip stick, and filler lube.
Transmission coverage: Torque converter, oil pump; valve body; governor; vacuum modulator; internal linkage; bearings; gear sets; bands; main shaft; drum; sealing rings, dipstick and filler tube. Damage to the transmission case or transfer case caused by the failure of one of these lubricated parts will be covered.
Drive axle coverage: The differential housing, final drive housing and  transaxle housing  are all covered under this plan if their damage is due to the failure of: gear sets,axle shafts, bearings, CV and universal joints, drive shaft, locking hubs and rings, as well as retainers and supports.
Electrical coverage: The starter and solenoid, voltage regulator, wiper motors, alternator, window motors and regulators, door lock actuators, windshield washer fluid pump, and the front differential engagement switch as well as the motor are all covered.
Air conditioning coverage: For the air conditioning system, the compressor, clutch coil / pulley, clutch, condenser, evaporator, orifice, receiver-driver and accumulator are all covered components.
Seals / gasket coverage: Any seal or gasket for which the specific component assembly is listed, will be covered in either the component assembly repair or individual repair.
Tax and fluid coverage: where applicable, state and local taxes and fluids will be covered.
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