Transferring Your Auto Extended Warranty

Our vehicle extended warranties are transferrable to the next owner. If you decide to sell your vehicle or give it to a friend or family member, be certain to take the necessary steps below to transfer your auto extended warranty policy.

When selling your used car, a transferrable auto extended warranty gives you added advantages. Vehicle extended warranty owners usually get their cars fixed immediately, and buyers know it, adding value to your car.

Used cars with transferrable extended warranties are always worth more to their new buyers. Given two comparable used vehicles, the one with the transferrable extended warranty stands above. 

Filling out a transfer form from your extended warranty company is not a difficult task, however, there are some rules that must be followed to allow the process to go smoothly. Becoming familiar with this list of requirements will make for a more enjoyable ownership experience.

Read the list below, and be certain to ask your representative any additional questions you may have. Receive your free price quote at 1-866-225-6415.


Sample Transfer Contract Language
Sample Transfer Form to Complete