Audi Extended Warranty Plans

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Audiextended warranty logoAudi automobile owners who desire the finest protection against the perils of ownership can count on us for the best prices on top rated Audi extended warranty companies.  Since the beginning, our goal has been to provide exceptional personal service, eliminate hassles, and develop the gold standard for Audi extended vehicle warranty plans.

Audi automobiles are expensive to repair. Both breakdown frequency and cost per repair are very high. Labor rates in Audi dealerships often exceed $150 per hour and parts costs from Germany have never been cheap.

There is a price to pay for the driving excitement of an Audi vehicle. With an Audi extended warranty plan, costly repairs can be avoided. You’ll be driving worry-free from unexpected repair expense, able to enjoy the ownership of your Audi even more. 

Our excellent service begins with you, because we put ourselves in our customers' shoes and ask what we would want from Audi extended warranties. We go above and beyond to deliver precisely that experience to every person who owns one of our Audi used car extended warranties.

Audi Extended Warranty Plans

All of our Audi extended warranty plans have nationwide claims acceptance and are financially stable companies reinsured with A-rated insurance companies. We include 24-hour towing and road service, loaner car replacement, and 24-hour lost key and lockout service with each Audi extended service plan.

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Your Audi extended warranty cost could be much less than the repairs you’ll have to pay.

Experience firsthand our exceptional customer service by calling us today for your free Audi extended warranty price quote at 1 (866)-225-6415.

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