Cadillac Extended Warranty Plans

Get the Best Cadillac Extended Warranty

Cadillac extended warranty logoWhen you decided on a Cadillac, you were out to get the best driving experience possible. Now step up that driving experience with a Cadillac Extended Warranty to keep your new luxurious car on the road, long after the factory warranty expires.

Our number one priority is to service our customers the best way we can. For starters, each of our warranties is backed by A-rated insurance companies, so when you need help, we’ll be there for you.

Other ways we’ll be there for you is if you need our complimentary 24-hour roadside service, towing, lockout and lost key services, and a loaner car for when yours is in the shop.

Repair costs on a premium brand like Cadillac can be pretty expensive. will take the pain out of sudden repair bills with Cadillac Extended Warranty plans. These plans take effect when your factory warranty expires. This ensures that you aren’t left with a lapse of coverage that’ll have you fronting the bill if a repair should be needed.

You have your pick of basic “Engine and Transmission” coverage that will keep your car going, or you can receive more protection, up until you reach our comprehensive, “Bumper to bumper” coverage, which will fix almost anything on your vehicle!

Give us a call at 1-866-225-6415, and get a free quote, fast and quick, from one of our operators!

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