Chrysler Extended Warranty Plans

Protect your Chrysler with an Extended Warranty

Chrysler extended warranty logoSudden breakdowns and electrical issues can ruin your day, your week, and even your bank account. Some cars go a long time without needing much attention, but with the complexity of modern cars, it’s common for any car to need some kind of repair at some point. And if you’re unlucky enough to need an expensive repair, you could be left without a car for some time.

Prevent the hassle—or disaster—of being without warranty coverage. Get your Chrysler extended warranty as soon as you can to get the best price and so you don’t have any gaps in protection.

We believe in giving our customers the best service without the heavy expense. In so doing, we have made it easier to protect your Chrysler vehicle without making you wonder if it’s worth the money. Our plans start with an inexpensive “Engine and Transmission” warranty, which fits nicely within any budget. The number of protected components rises as you upgrade until you reach our comprehensive “Bumper to bumper” warranty that will protect nearly everything on your car!

Focusing on great service, all of our extended Chrysler warranty plans come with 24-hour roadside service and towing, lost key and lockout service, and a loaner car to keep you moving when your car is being serviced.

Call us today at 1-866-225-6415 for a free quote on an A-rated extended Chrysler warranty plan!

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