Fiat Extended Warranty Plans

Protect your Fiat with an Extended Warranty

Fiat extended warranty logoWhether you chose the “green” 500e, the zoomy Abarth, or the sporty 124 Spider, your Fiat is a thrill to drive. It’s no question, however, that a sudden “clank” or “thud,” followed by your engine quitting, is less thrilling. If you have your factory warranty still in place, this isn’t as bad of a situation.

But when your factory warranty is expired, the sudden engine repair cost will fall to you. offers extended Fiat warranty plans to help you out long after your factory coverage has ended. And we have a warranty plan for every budget, as well. Our basic “Engine and Transmission” warranty protects the essential parts that keep your car running well and safely. From there, you can choose to increase your protection until you reach our “Bumper to bumper” warranty, which will cover almost anything on your vehicle.

When you’re stuck on the side of the road, you’ll be glad that each one of our Fiat extended warranty plans comes with 24-hour roadside service, towing, lockout and lost key service, and access to a free rental car. No customer of ours will ever be “left in the lurch.”

Call us today at 1 (866) 225-6415 for a free quote on one of our extended Fiat warranty plans.

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