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Mazda extended warranty logoYour new Mazda is a lot of fun. There’s a reason why their slogan is “Zoom, Zoom,” right? But despite the performance and high build quality, at some point, it may not “zoom” so much as “clank.”

Modern cars are so complex that they not only need regular maintenance, but they sometimes have unexpected issues which will land them in the shop. realizes this fact, and they provide affordable warranties to help ease the burden of sudden expensive repairs.

About Our Mazda Extended Warranty Plans

You don’t have to be stuck with huge bill that came out of nowhere. We provide different levels of Mazda extended warranty plans, so that, instead of having an unexpected, large bill, you can make regular payments in order to always keep your Mazda on the road. We go from a standard warranty that will keep your car operational all the way up to a deluxe warranty that will protect almost everything on your car.

With 24-hour towing, road service, lockout and lost key service, and a free loaner car, you know you’ll never be stranded—and you’ll have no surprise bills—when you have an extended Mazda warranty from

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