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Nissan extended warranty logoWith a Nissan extended warranty from, your vehicle is covered throughout the entire country. Drive freely, knowing that our protection is recognized at dealerships nationwide.



About Our Nissan Extended Warranty Plans

Still wondering if a Nissan extended warranty plan is even worth it? Once you factor in labor, parts and rental vehicle expenses associated with automobile repairs, it all really starts to add up. When you have a protection plan, the long-run benefits of coverage can greatly outweigh the costs. Our warranty holders also get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with driving a fully covered vehicle.

Another factor to consider is our custom package options. We let each customer choose the level of coverage that works best for them and their wallet. Although, all of our warranties are very affordable compared to others on the market. We work very hard to only offer the best for our customers.

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All of our plans are reinsured by highly reputable insurance agencies. This is to ensure that we only provide the most secure and stable warranty coverage possible. In addition to our fantastic protection plans, we also have excellent customer service staff. To speak with one of our helpful operators call 1-866-225-6415 and get your free extended Nissan warranty price estimate. 

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