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Volvo extended warranty logoEnjoy the luxury of owning a Volvo without the not-so-luxurious repair costs. Although no one likes to think about it, all cars break down eventually. Our Volvo extended warranties will cover these unfortunate repairs and keep you driving. Improve your vehicle ownership experience with peace of mind and knowing that we have you covered.


About Our Volvo Extended Warranty Plans

Just because you drive a luxury vehicle like a Volvo, doesn’t mean you have to get expensive protection. Volvo extended warranties from are affordable and well worth it. The cost of parts and labor are high with foreign brands, which makes our coverage even more valuable. We make the process simple and car owners appreciate the ease and efficiency of service when they need to make a claim.

If you find yourself in need of repairs, we will be here to help you through every step. will get your Volvo back where it belongs…on the road and working properly. Stop worrying about saving up for car repairs. Volvo extended warranty plans deliver the ultimate vehicle service experience.

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The friendly staff at is available to assist with any questions or concerns that you might have. Just call 1-866-225-6415 to speak with our knowledgeable operators, and get the answers you’ve been searching for.  

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